Integration with 3ds max V-ray - Corona

Hi, I’m trying embergen, it seems to me a fantastic program and I’m thinking about buying it, but it stops me that so far it doesn’t seem to have integration for 3ds max nor for V-ray nor for Corona nor does it seem that other programs like Fume FX or Phoenix can read the VDB, in the future do you plan to make an implementation for these programs?

We don’t plan on any direct integrations other than VDB. I am curious as to why the VDB wouldn’t be working though?

In E-on sofware VUE it does not work either, it gives the following error, An internal error occurred.please copy-paste the code below when describing what happened: DLOIS_1951. I have contacted the support team and so far they have not given me a solution. Vue imports VDB files directly and with other files that I have in this format it imports them without problems, Vue has its own renderer and I would understand that the scene is not rendered well if there is no support for this renderer, but it does not even import the scene.