Incorrect alpha?


I can’t to fix this issue: the alpha channel in the rendered images are smaller that shoud be. I attached the image.
Left side - the pure render. Right side - image after loading selection using alpha channel. If I understand left and right parts should be 100% identical. But in the right side image has a less details. And than more transparent smoke than more details are missing.
I tried straight and premultiplied alpha and all export formats (exr, png, tga) but can’t fix it.

Can you help me please?

Hi John,

Can you send me this file? These should be much closer to each other and we may need to look into our minimum values for our Alpha channel

Hi Will,

I can’t find an option to attach file in the post. So this is a link for it:
test file for opacity

Thank you in advance

Hey sorry for the delay, I made an issue about this and we’ll hopefully be looking into it soon. But you’re right that it’s contracting the smoke a bit, idk how much of this is unavoidable at this time.

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