IN_VM error with Suite License Key

Hello everyone,

just bought the Suite, got an license key and when i try activating it in the JangaFX License Manager i get the “Detected expected error when activating the key: IN_VM”

Upon reading another thread here, i understand that it thinks it is in a virtual machine, but it isn’t. I do have Hyper-V active and need that on my machine. Is there a way to solve this?

Thank you!

Email us at support @ jangafx . com and we can work with you on this in a private conversation :slight_smile:

Thanks Nick, will do.

For future reference: If you get this issue, you either have CPU virtualization on or windows Hypervisor/hyperV is enabled and you need to disable it. If you’re a larger studio and are running a floating license server for instance and absolutely cannot run on a real machine. Contact us via our support email: support @