High Scale Looping Simulations

I’m attempting to set up a large-scale simulation in Embergen (GIANT tree burning) and using the looping animation functionality to have it repeat. I see that the vortices and upscale functions are disabled for looping animations, and so I’m wondering if there are any other things I can do to make it seem like there is one MASSIVE fire. I am currently using a 510x510x940 voxel grid but increasing it much higher is causing crashes (4090 card). I used the template file for the Game Fire Loop and added a few levels of small noise but was hoping for any other tricks that can help me get the result I’m wanting for video.

How would you go about making your simulation look larger without raising the number of voxels or is there some kind of trick that I’m missing? (multiple simulations, upscaling in post, etc?) Any advice is appreciated!

Upscale as you wish and then loop it in post using the image blend method. Basically imagine you have 30 frames more than what you want then blend the first actual 30 frames in with the additional and then it should be one coherent loop.