Exporting & rendering from multiple computers

EXPORT OPTIONS: specifically for render farms or rendering from multiple computers. A relatively easy solution Blender uses, is creating “placeholder” frames while rendering, so each computer knows to skip a frame if it is being worked on. Not sure how complex this would be to implement in Embergen but for scalability it would be crazy useful. I way it could be possible is baking the simulation so that it doesn’t change when playing/rendering the simulation across multiple computers.

RENDRING: for rendering in terms of licensing do you need to pay for a license that each computer renders from? I work at a small studio but buying a license for each render node is probably not worth it. It would be awesome if there is updates to the rendering workflow and that could include rendering from multiple computers? what are your thoughts on this?
Would also be cool to have OpenEXR/multi-layered EXR as an export option, as assets are super quick to render from Embergen than in other software’s. since volume rendering in raytraced engines takes forever.

In conclusion i love the work the team at JangaFX is doing on Embergen and I wish it more success!

Export Options: We have plans for something like this, but no ETA on when.

Rendering: You need to pay per computer as the simulation and rendering package are all in the same tool. We don’t have separate licensing for each at this time as there isn’t any sort of jobs system. OpenEXR has been considered but no ETA.

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