Embergen + unreal engine + davinci resolve composite question

I have a 1 week project starting today where I want to add some embergen thurster flames on a character that is going to be mostly static (flames from a jetpack which is hovering) used in a promo video (18 secords).

What do you think is the best way to approach this? I was hoping I could import an animated mesh to represent the position of the thrusters + the animated camera into embergen and then add the thrusters and render them out to composite in davinci resolve manually keyframing a mask to hide them when out of shot.

Or can this be done faster in Unreal Engine 4 or 5 or some other way?

I am using blender, unreal engine and davinci resolve to composite.

Embergen export a flipbook to UE5 looks like the only way I can see to do this - EmberGen Tutorial #0005: Creating Flipbooks For Games - YouTube - if anyone has any better suggests I would love to hear it.

Flipbooks could be one way to do it in UE4/5. Or if you have access to a license you can import an animated model/camera directly into EmberGen with our internal licensed test build.