Can we have the limit of 3 posts consecutive removed please

it´s a bit ridiculous that this limit is there in this forum, it prevents you from giving further detailed ellaborations once you find something out, if we have to wait for anyone else to reply.
Especially since this forum isn´t very active as to what I have seen.

at least increase the limits for consecutive post, like 15, 3 is a bit too low.

I have additional information I was writing to help out, but then I can´t post…it´s just frustrating.

Join our discord. The forums will probably be removed in the future.

Oh no … :exploding_head: (exploding head outside of Embergen)
…think twice before going that way…I loath discord, that I simply won´t join, it´s distractive to say the least.
Same with Lightwave forums, I just don´t go to their discord channel, I will await for them to fix their new forum, there are many who simply loaths the discord channels, it´s messy, unorganized, and apart from that…the security warnings you get isn´t helpful.
There are several Lightwave users that simply won´t use discord either, but rather have a proper forum, there isn´t much of an issue with these forums, but it prevents people from interacting and solve issues with this limit, that is foremost the thing.

Remove it…and at least give the forum a chance to be something vibrant.

There can´t be much of trouble to change the amount of post we can do here, why limit it, it actually limits the interaction and which is one reason it isn´t that active I suspect.

So removing the forum is a bad idea I would say, but your choice, but why not try an fix the postin issue and see if this place wil become more active.

But finally, why are you planning to remove the forum here? too inactive?
Or is discord more functional in someway, and in such case…how?

Discord now has a forums feature built in and its just far easier for us to manage. I may try to clean up the forums here significantly and then give this another shot.

Perhaps if that forum function is pretty much equal or…Better for organizing fixed topics.
Discord is otherwise more realtime online connection and with distractive comments and stuff I do not want to see when discussing topics and so on.

So once the forum channel is ok to go, you could link to that and I may check it out, but the other discord channel I just won´t jump in to, I have heard so many simply loathing it and being distractive compared to forums.

That said, I recognize it would be simpler for you guys to maintain, rather than having to manage a forum bulletin board, and also avoiding having two different social networking channels …that will scatter users, so I understand that.

But at the same time, it better be a good looking channel that isn´t distractive, in essential a forum wrapped up inside the discord technology.


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