Velocity channel

Been enthusiastically using embergen for the past couple weeks - still getting around to the basics, but what a fantastic piece of software you guys built!

I am using C4D/Redshift for post-production and animation, and the latest version of redshift has seen enhanced support for VDB volumes motion blur… Although, it would appear the velocity channel exported from Embergen doesn’t really work with redshift for accurate motion blur. What’s the status on this, any progress? Any point in even exporting the velocity channel currently?

Can you elaborate on the issues you’re having with the velocity channel? I’ve never tried to do motion blur with said channels as I don’t use other renderers. Curious to know what the general process is like and how we can fix it!

Hey Nick,

Basically I haven’t been able to get any motion blur to work with the VDBs from Embergen, using the velocity channels. Redshift has been notorious for not being awesome with Volumes & Motion blur, but they recently implemented a whole new approach that is supposed to bring it up to standards… Referring to this topic: Sign in
It would appear that it doesn’t work with Embergen’s velocity channels at the moment.
Here’s the relevant screenshot in case you can’t log in to see the discussion:

Ah yes, right now our bounding box for VDB’s doesn’t stay consistent and that will definitely break this. We’re looking into a more powerful VDB exporter. Stay tuned.