Import abc from blender

Hello, Nick

The animation import in fbx is ok.
Importing in Alembic poses a problem:

  • from blender (2.9) the export is carried out with a single file (no abc sequence).

  • when I import this abc on embergen the animated object is very very very small. (blender unit; meter - object dimension 0.5 meter).

  • when I scale on embergen it moves the object on the Z axis. But it doesn’t make it bigger.

  • if I scale before blender export, the object no longer appears on embergen at all.

Alembic compatibility problem with blender?

Thank you for your attention.
(otherwise version 0.75 SUPERB !!!)


Hey Daniel,

Alembic files havea few restrictions in EmberGen right now:
No camera imports, variable vertex counts (changes per frame) are not allowed. I’m not sure what the scaling issue is. We have a dropdown for scaling that says things like x10, x100, etc so i’d recommend using that option to start with. Its very likely that EmberGen reads it as CM instead of meters, we don’t quite have a way to choose your measurement unit preference yet.

Scaling of meshes is still one big issue we have that we hope to fix in the future regardless.

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