How to make a smoke ejector,Like an air humidifier

Make it look like it’s coming out, not relying on buoyancy.
I don’t know how to define a smoke emitter. Can you give me some guidance so that the smoke emitter can emit upward or 45 °.

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If you can get help, I will be very grateful. This problem has bothered me for a long time.

You can use a line force to push the simulation upward! emitters are going to come from shapes that you plug into the ‘emission’ node. You can also check out our tutorials on youtube for more guidance!

Yes, I used linear constraints.
But the tilt it brings is more like a human factor. The detail I need is that the smoke at the exit is strong and powerful. After a short distance, the smoke is very light and the power dissipates, resulting in a diffuse effect.
Now it’s the exit transmitter problem. I tried to change the thrust to 100 or higher, but the effect is only to push the smoke further. Instead of making the initial speed of the transmitter faster.
This is the problem I need to solve. I tried again today, but failed. YouTube videos have also been reviewed and no similar effects have been found.

I hope I can get your help.


This might be something that you would need to manually blur in post as we can’t quite do this yet.

Thank you very much for your reply.