High-speed moving objects do not get correct simulation results

High-speed moving objects do not get correct simulation results.The simulated fluid is incoherent and has very low accuracy, not sure how it needs to be tweaked and fixed. This is because the animation I am importing is required to move at high speed. So I don’t know how to set it up in Embergen.

There are also workarounds for retiming meshes, but of course EmberGen has its limits, we have a youtube video that explains some of this here: https://youtu.be/ZSJCD36_YX8?si=46FDyJsFiWaM6Qis&t=470

If you can send the file or send a video i can try to advise but it’s hard to say without seeing anything

file address:https://pan.baidu.com/s/1CACpKRqAAMrd9Isa-VOoEg?pwd=2513
extraction code:2513

Above is the address of my file, please help me with some suggestions. I mainly want to improve the accuracy of the fluid vs. reducing the gap in the fluid, as my camera is close to the object and moving fast.
Thank you.

can you help me? thanks

Hi Zyd, so sorry for the delay. Can you upload the files to dropbox or another file hosting site so that I can read the words?

Here’s the address of my file.

Hi, I hope you have time to help me with this. The first thing I do at work every day now is check this forum for replies, haha. The problem I’m running into is that 1. the accuracy of the solution is very low when the camera is very close to the fluid. 2. fast moving objects what are my methods to keep the simulation coherent. There is my file above, please help me. Thanks.

Hi Zyd,

Sorry for not responding sooner!

You are naturally going to have less quality voxels when your camera is closest to the object since voxels are a fixed size.

You’re also only using a very small amount of the total voxel space, so you will want to adjust your bounding box to accommodate that.

Did you watch the video that I linked? I see you’re not using the Override FPS setting like the video specifically points out. Please watch this video as it has all of the information necessary for you to improve your simulation.