Gabe Newell Talks Half-Life: Alyx & Valve

Any one else extremely excited to see where Half-life: Alyx takes the gaming industry? Massive respect for Gabe and what Valve does. Without Valve, there wouldn’t be any JangaFX!

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They’re the pinnacle of excitement and value through sparsity.

Looking back their games just seem… inevitable. But that’s just because they’ve almost always made them the way they should have been. People forget just how hard it is to be the first to do something and to get it right. It takes many times longer and many times as many resources and false starts, and they’re masters of knowing when it’s time to release.

Half life has always been about innovation and VR is the next obvious step for the industry. I’m happy to see my favorite game series pushing the boundaries of what can be possible in games again. I heard that a lot of the props/meshes use actual geometry for nuts and bolts vs just using a normal map. They’re really trying to knock it out of the park! I got my start by modding half life 2 in 2006 and was involved in that scene for years. I’m also happy to hear that they’re looking to develop more half-life games outside of HL:A which means there’s a pretty good chance we’ll get to close up all of the loops in our life time. :slight_smile:

Todays the day! Quite stoked to give HL:A a play through… or 10!