Constant and oscillator nodes acting weird

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to achieve a missile exhaust with some curve to its path. The curve is achieved by plugging a constant (with the start and end keyframes of the missile) to an oscillator.

Now, it works nice for the primitive plugged into the emitter. But i’m trying to make a line force to follow the exact same path as the primitive by pluggin the same oscillator.

I’ve used plenty of node editors in my life, and this would achieve the desired result: the line force would follow the same path as the.

Unfortunately, in Embergen, things go haywire when I plug the oscillator to the line forces position. In the pic, you can see the two position values are not even close to being the same. The above one is the primitive’s position, which is correct, the below one is the line force’s position, which is completely different for no apparent reason.

What’s going on?

We remap values based on a percentage of the bounds of the parameter. Lets say the bounds of the position is -50 to 50, but the bounds for the line force is -25 to 25 for whatever reason. Oscillators work based on percentage (dumb I know, but its how its coded for now).

Thanks for the answer, Nick! Gotta be honest, this functionality sucks monkey balls :sweat_smile: I’ve hit a wall so many times when things just go haywire, and I start hunting down the problem with the bounds, usually just giving up at some point :joy:

I’m guessing this is some kind of a bounds problem again? I’ve keyframed this line force to follow this missile. I want to add one last keyframe at the end; after adding it, the entire animation of the line force shifts in the wrong place :sweat_smile: I’m very very lost at this point