Ember project file format

Looked through the website, but haven’t found the right answer.
Sorry if this is already answered elsewhere, please direct me to the right source.
I’m wondering if it is possible to get a description on how to prepare .ember files externally.
I would need to generate lots (thousands) of environments with different viewpoints, fire sources, wind settings etc and I would prefer to generate them in a python script and feed to EmberGen to get wonderfully rendered burning objects.
Any help would be much appreciated!
Best wishes,

We plan to have batch processing in the future through scripts, but no word on when that’ll be. Our project files are obfuscated so it isn’t possible to create your own script as far as I’m aware right this second.

Thanks for the reply, Nick!
Sorry to hear that it is not possible to automate right now.
Moreover, it looks counterintuitive to me that you obfuscate project files. I came from ML/CV area looking for a solution that would make fire and smoke detecting smart cameras more effective and found a wonderful project that would otherwise fit perfectly to generate a descent dataset to train my neural network.
I really hope you consider to stop project files obfuscation. I would be happy to promote EmberGen for fire and water safety tasks, but I see no way to productive use without the means to automate input-processing-output pipeline.