New User Here hello!

Hello folk I am kinda new to VFX but I heard from a youtuber about this software decided to check it out. im am trying to make my way into the vfx world and software license are expensive. I was thinking about giving this ago, I am taking a vfx course in 3ds max and fumefx but the price alone for these two would more than cover the cost of this software. I have to look throught the information to see if this a one time buy or is this another rent only software.

I might sounds dumb but im reading about the pricing so if I do a monthly sub continuously for 12 months I get a permanent licenses after that I can pay per a year for “maintenance” kind of deal to continue to get the current version. if this is true from what I read boy hoady im going to jump on board quick.

That is indeed the case. You can either pay for the year in advance (at a discount) and get your perpetual license, or you can subscribe monthly and work your way up to the perpetual license.

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yeah after reading a few times I decided to take the jump and get it. I decided to get it excited to start using it!

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