Mr Ofnoctonod greets you from just outside Cape Town

Happy 2021 to you all and hello from me in South Africa.
Mr Ofnoctonod is an anagram for “do not conform”.
(I’m a 48 year old child essentially)
I was tasked in July 2019 by the (fire engineering) company I work for in the graphics and multimedia department, to search and price around for someone to create an animation showing our firefighting foam in a real world setting. We had a budget of $5k US and needed a 2:30 animation.
As you know, fire animation is expensive so after obtaining prices in the USA and here in Cape Town, we abandoned the project. But “we” did not include me. I got Blender and taught myself over the past 18 months to use that, got my boss to upgrade my computer, and then got Embergen in November last year.
And now…
I have an Embergen fever so bad it hurts.
I LOVE this software.
Nik and your team - thank you so much for creating it!

Greetings and welcome! EmberGen is a great tool and it’s only going to get better. Hopefully our next updates will calm your fevers :wink:

Thanks Nick. I look forward to seeing what the next generation of Embergen can do! Good luck with the coding.