Hello from chile

Hey all. My name is Rasika and i am a Compositor and Generalist situated in Chile. We are a traditional TV commercial post production facility but since recently have moved into game cinematic and UE.

I have been using the demo of Embergen for the last few days and been hooked. Fluid dynamic for me (us) has always been a royal pain in the ass and always requested simulation and caching even before doing the first render. The interactivity of Embergen has blown us away and am hoping that Embergen will mature to be an indispensable part of any FX artists arsenal.

Anyway. Its good to be here and am waiting for many good things to come.

Welcome and thanks for the introduction! EmberGen will mature into a wonderful tool for sure. Feel free to share any feedback you have with us in the suggestions section of our forum here. :slight_smile:

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