Hello everyone I'm new

I don’t know why I’m here because I suck at animating, but I’m trying to learn very calmly.

The price of the product looks interesting and I wanted to know if with such a program you can make intros for youtube?

is code programming required to use the program?

Is it within everyone’s reach for a total beginner?

Thanks for joining the forum :slight_smile:

We all suck at the start and it takes time to learn. As for intros, our software can aid in the creation of such things, but I doubt it can do the entire thing. You use our software to generate fire/smoke/explosions and then in your case, you could use something like after effects to composite it into the video/intro.

No code required to learn EmberGen. We will have enough presets for you to learn from that I feel like a total beginner could eventually understand how it all works.

This software is currently just about making fire, smoke, gases…explosions etc.

For making intro´s, you would probably get a compositing software…commercial ones as thee top ones are
After effects.

You can get free alternatives …like fusion by black magic…and perhaps davinci resolve …which is more of a video editing software than an effects software, these tools will allow you to do text and particle effects as well…and also edit the rendered sequences from embergen if you need that kind of explosive firey, smokey stuff.

for accessing embergen fire in 3D format, you need a software capable of doing that…and there is one free tool that is considered the top Free tool to do that, and it is blender…with the latest versions you can import the embergen fire and smoke simulations, and shade them differently as you please, but you can not change the simulations, each simulation is baked per frame, but loaded in the 3d software as a sequence, as such you can only change fire look, or smoke look, but you can fly around it or mix with your other items in the scene.

but then you will also need to take time and learn blender, and that you do not do over a day.

but blender is free, davinci resolve is also free with a lite version and also fusion with a lite version.
Embergen will cost you though.

Blender has built in fluids as well…but embergen produces these simulations mostly in realtime if not to high in resolutions, while in blender…you have to have patience and wait for the simulations.