Hello, 26 year VFX Industry Vet interested in Embergen

Hello everybody and Embergen Devs.

My co-worker/Friend posted some tests he made with Embergen on Facebook recently.

I was very impressed considering the fact that he said he made them very quickly.

I started doing CGI/3d animation/VFX in 1995 in Los Angeles when it was really just getting started.
SGI machines running Softimage or Power Animator OR the lone independent VFX people who used Lightwave 3d or 3DsMax on PCs.

I have used almost all the 3d software available at one point or another since this early time.

Power Animator, Maya, Softimage/XSI, 3DsMax, Lightwave, C4D, Houdini, you name it.
Also all the specialist stuff, Realflow, Zbrush, Worldbuilder, Mudbox, FumeFX, Rayfire,
all the render engines, Renderman, Mental Ray, Vray, and now the GPU stuff like Octane, Redshift etc.

I have worked at Digital Domain, Disney, Mirada, Method, etc etc.

I am coming in from an industrial grade level usage and interest in all aspects of 3d. Rigging characters, animation, shader developement, custom UI and tools, etc.

My LinkedIn Profile.

My interest in Embergen is very specific which is why I am posting this introduction.

I have been working on my own Intellectual Property animation and hopefully this year will do a release of the first 3 parts, which is about 1/3 of the whole animation I plan to do for the story.

I have a lot of action scenes throughout and many have fumeFX simulations to create rockets propulsion flame, explosions, laser fire burning holes in metal that smokes, etc.

I have a scene where laser fire cuts through a metal object and ignites the fuel inside and it explodes in flaming/smoking bits that fly away and bounce off the ground and rock walls nearby it. It looks pretty neat but is only a temporary render as I want to update the simulation with a higher res version so that the detail is fine enough to feel tangible. Currently the version is very soft due to the sim time and my need to move on and return to fix it later.

So my questions fall into this framework.

Can I import cameras, geometry, and even Alembic or FBX animation into Embergen?

I need to be able to recreate the 3d scene I have in Maya inside of Embergen so that I have the same geometry breaking up and flying along so I can properly create the same sim I made in FumeFX in Maya inside of Embergen.

In Maya I have two main bits of data creating the explosion.

  1. The particles that create the initial explosion trails of fire from the source. They emit and die very fast.
  2. The geometry that is breaking up from the explosion which are also on fire and smoking as they fly away spinning in the air eventually landing on the ground still burning.

I have the 0.5 beta but can’t see any fbx or alembic info to bring in animation data to Embergen.

I have seen the Jan 2021 previews that show the possibility of Alembic or FBX animation imported into Embergen.

I suppose I don’t really need cameras AS long as the geometry and subsequent VDB produced will be able to be imported into Maya lined up correctly. FumeFX does produce VDB that I have to rotate on two axis to align properly but the process works.

Thanks for any info in advance and I will buy a full copy if Embergen can achieve these things.

If you buy EmberGen, we have a build in our discord server for licensed users that can import animated meshes and cameras just as you’re asking. Our ideal workflow for films will be importing cameras and exporting renders from EmberGen as it’ll look better and is far more efficient than any other method.

Thanks for the intro and I sincerely think that EmberGen can fit your needs :slight_smile:

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ok, this sounds great. I imagined two scenarios. Getting Geo/Anim into Embergen to recreate scene in Maya. Then Export VDB for rendering saving on Sim time in Embergen. OR Like you mentioned, Matching Camera/FoV/Angle/Anim and Scene Geo as Matte Objects and then rendering from Embergen as the faster rendering solution as well. I will likely purchase a license by Monday when I am back from my road trip. Thanks for your quick reply. :slight_smile:

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Hello, just wanted to say you’ve got quite the resume! Its really exciting to have things like Emergen coming out finally make particle stuff more accessible. Welcome.