Getting off the ground

Hello All!
I do a lot of stuff in graphics, mainly Lightwave 3d and Gaea, backed up with affinity photo. My preferred topics are generally space related.

I had a quick go at Embergen, the demos looked amazing, particularly given how painfully slow Lightwave is at this kind of thing. But I have a problem…

My PC is about 6 months old, very powerful CPU, 1289 Gb memory, but a good graphics card was not really available.

And I’m finding that it gets VERY unresponsive when I’ve got something happening in Embergen. I understand it will render slowly, (still not bad!), but when the mouse slows down and clicks on buttons take seconds to be picked up, it’s almost unusable.

Is there anything I can do to make the interface more responsive please?


Answered via Email. GPU wasn’t good enough for the job. But for those with lower end GPU’s, the smooth UI setting in preferences may help.