From Brazil, a hello for everyone!

I’m really impressed with this huge real-time particles system Embergen. Is definitively the edge for
simulation in VFX, I would like to thank you to Janga scientists od CGI, C++ Python and
other cards, guys, you are monsters, really.
I started using today Embergen system and I exported to Vray for tests, is beautiful.
But I couldnt see the temperature fire in the VDB simulation. In vray i should use the fume fx preset to render ok, is the best preset to see. But I have Phoenix fd installed, and when I put this option to preset render, the particles become completely withe, and I continue without my temperature.
Anyone could help me?


Sorry for the delayed response here, we’ve been on vacation.

Any way you’re using too high of a temperature number and it’s just blowing it out to pure white?